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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Psychologists We're Not

An Educational Approach to the Mental Game

So what’s up with SportExcel? Simply this – our approach is educational not psychological. We teach sport strategies, just like adding and subtracting are school strategies. We teach strategies that are simple to learn, fun to use and results-oriented. With a strategies approach, change occurs quickly—days versus months or even years. More importantly, they are at an athlete’s fingertips 24/7, especially in the heat of the game.

Imagine your coach coming over to you after a really embarrassing mistake and saying, “You need to be smarter out there.” You’d probably feel even worse. But, what if you could fix the problem in less than the time it took for your coach to walk over to you? Would that be cool or what? What if you could use a strategy to copy a pro’s finesse or bring a person who just intimidated you down to size in your mind? And what if you could do this instantly as well? You would get back in the game pretty quick, wouldn’t you?

The SportExcel approach teaches athletes and coaches these kinds of strategies. If you can’t get up for your game—fix it. If you are frustrated—fix it. If you have serious butterflies—fix it. If an opponent’s goaltender stymies you—figure him or her out.

Equipped with strategies, you’ll become more independent and coachable. You’ll know from experience that every mistake makes you stronger, because you now have the tools to fix virtually any mistake. Imagine having that kind of power. You’ll learn to feel fantastic in your game, in school and in life.

The SportExcel program has been tried and tested in many sports: the martial arts, hockey, tennis, baseball, volleyball, skating, golf, baseball, basketball, snowboarding, football and the international clay target sports to name a few. Our athletes and coaches have won Olympic, international, national and regional events. The approach has even been tried and tested in the classroom, as many of our athletes are seeking scholarships. This is quite fitting, when you think of it, as it is an educational approach.

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